New Rivers Cuomo Video – “Blast Off!”

If we’ve learned one thing since blogging about Rivers Cuomo’s solo home recordings, it’s that Weezer fans know their trivia frighteningly well. And, hey, speaking of frightening, the video for Alone single “Blast Off!” is pretty eerie, especially considering Cuomo’s fascination with Japan … and his mustache. In it, an often somber (but sometimes smiley) Rivers is looking to regain the eye of the tiger. Cast against a wintry gray landscape, he heads to some YMCA-kinda place, strips down to his workout gear, stretches, gets to bouncing on a trampoline with his workout friends, mostly older Japanese ladies (some trickier in their trampoline tricks than others). From there, it gets even more Zen.

What’s he trying to master amid all that silence, Weezer buffs? Nice to see he gets home safely at the end. Looks like nobody was harmed.

Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo 1992-2007 is out on Geffen.