New Heavy Trash Video – “Way Out”

Crazy. Earlier this week we were talking Royal Trux in reference to a new RTX video and now it’s Jon Spencer and his Heavy Trash in the Mort Todd and Matt Verta-Ray-directed video for “Way Out.” (Hell, why not a Pussy Galore reunion, kids?) This outer space rockabilly moment finds Spencer in a Lily Allen spacesuit, walking through loose space sand, orbiting a few space chicks frolicking in short space shorts and tall space boots, and ex-Speedball Baby dude Verta-Ray as some kinda evil, lascivious seeming scientist in fuzzy sunglasses. Watch out for germ warfare.

Wow, that liverwurst-looking intestine thing could give someone the Cramps.

Going Way Out With Heavy Trash is way out via Yep Roc.

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