The Most Zeppelin-y Commercial Ever

How well do you know your Zeppelin? We’ve been talking about the mighty reunited ones a lot recently, whether for Zeppelin itself or Plant-Krauss combos or oddball cameos in kung-fu bluegrass videos. Don’t put away your “Stairway To Heaven” tablature just yet: In a new Verizon Wireless/V Cast commercial, we watch a hipster wander the streets, listening to “Kashmir,” and walking past a number of Led Zeppelin references in the hopes of promoting the gents’ reissued digital catalog. You can watch the spot here after a fairly annoying commercial about some Internet television station. (Right, watch an ad to watch an ad.) According to the Ad Age article, there are nine Zep references. Who can spot ‘em all? You know, we bet we can find even more than that. Like was there a black dog in there? A hot dog? And wonder if the dude’s going to California to eat a custard pie. Ah, good times … bad times.

Tags: Led Zeppelin