New These New Puritans – “Navigate, Navigate”

A ways back we posted the centrifugal, darkly dissolving, flesh rippling video for These New Puritan’s Mark E. Smith-barked “Elvis.” Then we saw the Southend boys and gal listed more than a couple times by British experts to break out big in ’08. Not bad hype for four 19 year olds. We’re definitely fans, so we agreed. But that was even before we got a gander at monumental, 15-minute tune, “Navigate, Navigate.” Holy. The song opens with shimmery pulses and synthesized jangles and loops, almost like you’re headed into Kompakt territory, but then they jump into their more usual post-rock, retaining a looped, entropic-pop feel. Amazing stuff.

These New Puritans

What’s Jack repeating? We get “it’s really strange,” then it sounds like “we can go oceanless” or “motionless” — both of which sorta work. The waves and escalating reps and of this one manages to make it feel bigger than Fucked Up’s 18-minute “Year Of The Pig,” unless you wanted to judge it on its political heart, pollsters: “Navigate” was written for a fashion show — Hedi Slimane’s Autumn 2007 collection for Dior Homme’s Paris catwalk, to be exact — while Fucked Up were talking about sex worker rights. Whatever, they’re different sorts of bands, no? We hate to talk shit about ’08 so early in ’08 and therefore doesn’t carry much weight, but this is definitely one of our favorite tunes of the New Year. You can take it home on the 12″ of the same name, which also includes a remix by the loving hands of Loving Hand, aka DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy.

The “Navigate, Navigate” 12″ is out 2/5 and Beat Pyramid is out 03/18, both on Domino.