Courtney Love May Be Looking At Ryan Gosling To Play Kurt Cobain … And Scarlett Johansson To Play Her

A year ago this past Saturday, we asked who you thought would play Kurt Cobain in Courtney Love’s planned Kurt Cobain biopic. And the consensus was: there was no consensus. But in hindsight, it seems commenter cherries knew a little something the rest of us didn’t:

itll be leonardo or ryan gosling, ive heard alot abou tthis project and its not some little movie , its now at a major studio the biggest one, and is recieiving a list attention from the ceo and cfo of the studio- it snot some scramble- its already fasttracked and greenlit.

That was 1/12/07. On 1/12/08, the Mirror ran an item quoting a C. Love friend, who says Court has indeed “lined up Oscar-nominated Ryan Gosling to play husband Kurt,” along with citing Love’s not-at-all-vain belief that she should be portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Which is all good as long as Scarlett doesn’t pick up Courtney’s method-acting habits; it’s been 21 years since Sid And Nancy and still she’s acting like Nancy Spungen’s junkie friend. That’s dedication to craft.

Of course none of this is confirmed until pen is put to paper, although the Courtney-friend says a contract is already in the mail to Johansson). So for now, you may fairly consider this an opportunity for us to run these pictures of the pretty people.

Courtney Love taps Ryan Gosling and Scarlett Johannson to play her and Kurt Cobain Courtney Love taps Ryan Gosling and Scarlett Johannson to play her and Kurt Cobain

Looking at that picture of Scarlett, all we can think is “golden globes.” On somewhat that note, congrats EdVed, Liz Lemon, female-version-of-Dylan, animated-rat-version-of-Patton-Oswalt. Don’t know how you did it, Duchovny. Guess we should be watching Mad Men?