PZ of Two Ton Sloth Mashes Grizzly Bear, Ghostface, Beck

Grizzly Bear’s “Knife”‘s certainly received more than its share of the mash love. It’s gotta be the most smashed and covered jam of ’07, right? It’s ’08, but let’s throw one more onto the pile: Radiohead masher PZ of the Portland spoken-rap duo Two Ton Sloth (no, not Two Ton Boa) has this song he calls “RAGU,” a mash of Ghostface Killah’s Fishscale tune of the same name overlapped with “Knife.”

PZ – “RAGU (Grizzly Bear + Ghostface Killah)” (MP3)

Straight-up, not much trickery — cool ghostly airs added to the “Knife” canon. But what happens then when PZ treads Beck’s “Novacane” through Percee P’s “Throwback Rap Attack”? If you haven’t heard Percee P’s Perseverance), you likely have no fucking idea, so jump.

PZ & Brad Hamers
[PZ (left) enlists Sloth mate Brad Hamers to help him stitch together a few tunes]

PZ – “Novacane Throwback (Percee P + Beck)” (MP3)

Odelay! Interestingly, mash-ups consumed, PZ’s quoted as saying, “People take mash-ups too seriously. To me mash-ups are nothing more then a cheap and fun form of entertainment … It’s not what I want on my tombstone so I may one day suppress the guilty pleasure that is the mash-up or the unauthorized remix.” Well, that day’s not happening just yet: PZ’s Beck mash-up project, Aphids on the Lettuce is out 1/22 on Token Recluse, along with Two Ton Sloth’s self-titled full-length debut. Looking forward.