New Helio Sequence – “Keep Your Eyes Ahead”

The new Helio Sequence makes us feel like running in the park against the wind: less shoegaze, more gazing at a distant finish line. 45:33 in 4:25? Actually, there is a story of inspiration behind it. Multi-instrumental singer Brandon Summer badly damaged his vocal chords after years of touring and recording, so he had to find another way to enunciate and breath on the Oregon-born duo’s fourth album Keep Your Eyes Ahead. Hence the added dreaminess. In honor of Brandon’s triumph, please take the title track with you on your next outdoor excursion: On your marks, get set, download. Dudes are obviously in training.

The Helio Sequence
[photo by Pavlina Honcova-Summers]

The Helio Sequence – “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” (MP3)

Recognize those indie-funky drums? Yessir, the other half of the Sequence, Benjamin Weikel, banged skins on Good News for People Who Love Bad News, though we imagine he’s sick of people saying that.

Keep Your Eyes Ahead is out 1/29 on Sub Pop.