New Slaraffenland – “Meet And Greet”

It’s that time in the cycle where all the Class of ’06 BTWs start making noise again. Yesterday the Twilight Sad dropped another sliver from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, today it’s their classmates (and fellow OKX alum) Slaraffenland introducing their next set with the appropriately billed “Meet And Greet.” The Danish melodramatists — recent recipients of a grant from Denmark’s Art Council that should keep them playing and touring for a good while — are in fine form on the new LP’s lead track, plying handclaps, horns, group vocals, and peripheral bits of ambient electronics to a bed of pulsing post-Kid A art rock. There’s a mix of moods, optimistic yet crestfallen, to the “I know what will take your side” chant. Danes are complex characters.

Slaraffenland – “Meet And Greet” (MP3)

We’re On Your Side is out 9/15 via Hometapes.