New Figurines Video – “The Air We Breathe”

One of Figurines most memorable turns of late, aside from revealing their lead singer moonlights (err, daylights) as a professional video game player, came via When The Deer Wore Blue’s Beach Boys-y ballad “The Air We Breathe,” unexpected based on their history of hook-y ’90s-styled guitar indie rock, yet totally in step with the Panda Bears and Miracle Fortresses of 2007. A video for the tune finally surfaces many months later, and there are at least two good reasons for the delayed timing. First, as the opening screen suggests, their original attempt at a video was doomed; what we get here is footage from the failed shoot.

But it’s also a perfectly opportune moment to let a little of “The Air We Breathe” into the internettosphere as there’s sure to be Googling abound after the tune popped up in last week’s Gossip Girl, right when Williamsburg Dan told Serena the L word and didn’t like what she said back. (Not quite “you know you love me, xoxo!” but almost as disheartening for our poor only-poor-by-comparison-to-debutantes hero.) Without further ado, breathe, breathe in the air…

Figurines 'The Air We Breathe, on Gossip Girl Figurines 'The Air We Breathe, on Gossip Girl

We realize that’s meant to be a bunch of balloons, but really it looks like Christian’s getting carried away by a particularly buoyant bunch of black grapes. Maybe that’s why it was doomed?

For your Gossip Girl playlist:

Figurines – “The Air We Breathe” (MP3)

When The Deer Wore Blue is out via Morningside/The Control Group.