Watch Crowd-Sourced Video Of The Weeknd’s Toronto Live Show

House Of Balloons’ murky, post-midnight erotic/narcotic R&B mesh felt like it came out of nowhere, at least in part because of the clandestine nature of the Canadian project. Since then there’s been high listings, a name (Abel Tesfaye) and prominent cosigns/collaborators (Drake) and a conscious baiting of the bro-dudes (via Entourage), and so by the time The Weeknd headlined his hometown Toronto’s Mod Club, the vibe in the venue was understandably feverish and electric and — at least for “High For This” aka the song from Entourage — understandably bro-dude fist-pump-y. Those observations come via a great many smartphone YouTube uploads and a couple of poorly punned Tweet reviews, compiled and synthesized by the website OMGICU into one clip that’s here for you to enjoy:

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