West Indian Girl – “Blue Wave (Acoustic Jug Band Remix)”

We’ve visited West Indian Girl poolside (uh, twice) and at their places of business, but never before to the foot of the Appalachians. That’s all changed, because in this week’s Drop, the California crew returns with a reworked, banjo-lined version of anthemic 4th & Wall rocker “Blue Wave.” You can hear the original at the band’s MySpace. We asked vocalist/guitarist Robert James (who handles the banjo below) and bassist Francis Ten (who takes on the mandolin) to explain the new take. They responded as one West Indian entity.

How’d you decide on such a radically different revision of “Blue Wave”?
It wasn’t anything conscious. We were sitting around one night and I happened to pick up a banjo when all of a sudden Burt Reynolds ran through the room with an arrow stuck in his back.

He’s good for that. Do other versions exist?
There’s going to be a club remix coming out soon. In a few years, we’ll release the all tubular bells version.

Other than introducing Burt Reynolds into the picture, does the new instrumentation change the song’s meaning?
It definitely doesn’t have that same “surfer” feel the original has, but the meaning is the same. The jughead version has more obvious sexual overtones.


Surely, which is why it’s fitting West Indian Girl ushers in ‘Gum Drop Volume XX. Hopefully we find some unreleased R. Kelly for XXX.