Color In Feist’s Metals Album Cover

We know Feist’s Metals is out 10/4, and that past collaborators Chilly Gonzales, Mocky, and Valgeir Sigurðsson all lend a hand. But the video vignettes that have been posted on her site don’t reveal much more. In that spirit, today’s unveiling of the album cover (above) is also a tease. You have to paint it in yourself using the color key provided. I think that palette is called mushaboom? I don’t know, I’m not an artist. Put on your smock and give it a try (full size .jpg here). The best ones posted to Feist’s Facebook will win “something special.”

UPDATE: Buzzfeed completed the paint by numbers. Here’s what the album cover will look like probably:

Feist - Metals (Paint By Numbers)

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