Coachella Rumors Confirmed

Turns out the rumors are true. Not that Coachella vet Scarlett J’s playing Courtney. Nada. Looks like the East Coast family won’t have to go West to see Coachella, if they can’t afford the gas or plane ticket, or cool California sun. Don’t believe it? Well, there’s a story at Billboard that gives the lowdown. Just, don’t be too attached to that “Coachella” brand.

Coachella Palm Trees
[Photo from Arcade Fire’s set at Coachella ’07]

Via Billboard:

Sources say Coachella producers AEG Live/Goldenvoice will stage a summer festival with major headliners at Liberty State Park, just across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan. The event will not carry the Coachella brand.

Liberty State Park has hosted a handful of concerts in recent years, most notably a Radiohead show shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The new event gives AEG/Goldenvoice a major summer presence in the area, where it will compete with the new Vineland festival. That event, promoted by C3 Presents and Melvin Benn’s Festival Republic, will be held Aug. 8-10 at a 500-acre, privately-owned farm in Vineland, N.J., about 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

What do you think? Is the environment part of its charm? We like palm trees and 106° weather. Would you decide to go to one instead of the other? Still trek to both? Oh, the possibilities. Otherwise festival goers, there’ve been some announcements about Coachella ’08’s complete lineup, expect the real one sooner than later.