Stream Four Tet’s Radiohead Remix has posted the third in the band’s ongoing series of 12″s featuring remixes of their Basement-jacked King Of Limbs LP. This third volume is anchored by Four Tet’s ambient then percussive, midrange EQ’d redo of “Separator,” and also features Pearson Sound (“Morning Mr. Magpie”) and Lone plying an almost 2-step garage feel into “Feral.” Stream the whole thing, especially if you like Radiohead or Four Tet or remixes or Thom Yorke’s voice doing even weirder things than usual:

To recap: Vol. 1 featured Caribou and Jacques Greene; Vol. 2 had Nathan Fake and Mark Pritchard; and Vol. 4 promises Thriller Houseghost, Illum Sphere, and Shed. Pre-order the latter at Norman Records.