Watch Sufjan’s Dance Rehearsal

The folks at Vulture brought cameras to critically acclaimed Adz salesman Sufjan Stevens’s recent dance rehearsals in preparation for his pair of upcoming, tour-concluding Prospect Park shows. What? Oh yeah, Sufjan’s live show now features intricate dance routines, and these Brooklyn shows are going to expand the ones you may have seen over this tour’s 60-some-odd shows to date. This is because dressing up like a bird and playing every instrument known to man while also making you cry with preciously melodic poetry was not enough for one man, probably. In this clip you get to see Stevens let loose in a dance studio under earnest citations of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Michael Jackson as inspiration points. The Suf-troupe’s mantra? “What Would Beyoncé Do.” Watch:

The shows are at Prospect Park August 2nd (sold-out) and August 3rd (buy tix while you can).