New Big Sleep – “Bad Blood”

Another wicked dose of the Big Sleep here. The push to lull you into Sleep Forever began with the gliding, open-hearted “Pinkies,” guitarist Danny Barria stepping up to the mic while issuing horizon-surfing six-string bends and pulls. He gets things going here, too, setting an illusory groove with spacious quarter-note chord tones — until Gabe Rhodes’s beat shifts things, the BK trio regrouping and ramping up into a driving post-punk riff-rocker. Sonya sings about her visions, her fears, and trouble close to home — all while you’re pumping fists and realizing suddenly your cruising well over the speed limit. For the commute home, then:

The Big Sleep – “Bad Blood” (MP3)

Sleep Forever is out 2/19 on Frenchkiss.

The Big Sleep
[Photo of the Big Sleep from Spiegeltent 9/27/06]