Macworld Brings Lyrics To iPhones, MacBook Air To The Breathless Masses

Earlier today, Steve Jobs dictated to the world the probably unnecessary but exceedingly cool shit they’d find themselves helplessly, hungrily forking over their cash for this year. The annual Macworld conference got under way this morning, Engadget reporting folks took their seats to the sounds of New Order and Mark Ronson’s “Stop Me” cover, and then got served. Now assuming Uncle Stevie’s already lured you into living iPhonically (4 million of you cannot deny), you oughta sync up right now and get the new firmware version 1.1.3, which will give the gift of multiple-recipient texts, Map with locator, and on the karaoke-lover music tip … lyrics! So you’ll never have an excuse to forget the words to Battles’ “Atlas,” no matter where you are. (We have no idea how this works yet, sorry — if you download and start playing, let us know.)

But of course the big news came when Steve dipped into a manila envelope and pulled out the world’s thinnest notebook, immediately leaving the crowd gasping for, well, Air. Wondering how they pared that thing down to less than an inch thickness? Thanks to lots of fancy circuits and microchips and stuff! We’re clueless for the most part, obviously, but one thing the Apple corps made very clear: There is no CD drive. Meaning, no burning CDs, no watching DVDs, etc. Apple has seen the future, and it is optical-free. Apparently there are workarounds for loading up music and the like, like your MacBook Air syncing wirelessly with a designated computer, parasitically feeding on its bulky optical drive. Or, like you shelling out another $99 for an external drive of your very own. Either way, that’s the future, clocking in at 80GB for $1799. CDs aren’t invited, sorry music industry. May wanna get taxing those internets after all.

And to close out Stereogum’s toe-dip into the sexy gadget bonanza that was Macworld, Engadget reports the keynote address closed out with Randy Newman crooning “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.”

Randy Newman performs You've Got A Friend In Me at Macworld 2008

That pic comes from Engadget’s liveblog. If you’re fiending for more info on all that occurred, you probably wanna go here. But if you wanna meet the new Feist, here’s the world’s thinnest notebook’s new TV spot…

That’s “New Soul” by Yael Naim. Here she is in a less corporate setting: