New Franz Ferdinand Video – “Can’t Stop Feeling”

Franz Ferdiand took two stabs at a “No You Girls” video, for the “Can’t Stop Feeling” they opted to squeeze two takes into single frames via all sorts of split-screen hyjinx. The guys pull and shove, do push ups and presses, sweep each other away, and end it all by slapping themselves in the face. (If their music career ever stalls, maybe a buddy sitcom would pay the bills.) A number of props — teddy bear, hypnotizing microphone, bucket, basketball, jello-o, giant synthesizer — are thrown into to keep your eyes doubly occupied. As far as your ears, download the “Can’t Stop Feeling (WhoMadeWho Remix)” in the handy Domino widget, after taking a look.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is out via Domino.