New Bloc Party Video – “One More Chance”

Following last week’s surprise single — like, surprise it’s out, and surprise it’s a house jam — Kele and the gang deliver this video as a top-off to the one-off. It’s both goofy and emotional, between Matt Tong stonefacing the corny keyboard bro, and all the lost souls hoping for one more chance, and that this time things will be different, only to retreat into a a well of tears at the realization that no, nothing will be different, there will be no more one more chances, and sometimes the best you can do is accept your solitude and take up exuberantly entertaining Bloc Party drummers with your house piano chops. Because sometimes that is life, and sometimes that’s the best it’s going to get. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even get the drummer to smile for a second before it’s all over. And maybe that’ll be enough.

Kele’s gonna get a lot of pussy in that wolf shirt. (Guys, I know.) The “One More Chance” single is out 8/10 via Wichita Recordings.

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