jj – “We Can’t Stop” (Feat. Ne-Yo)

The Adult Swim Singles series throws corporate dollars at indie artists in a cash-for-cred swap that has, to its credit, yielded some memorable collabs. Last year around this time it was Washed Out thrown in the mix with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, offering a female-fronted Brooklyn indie-pop twist to his South Carolina chillwave template. This year’s version swaps gender roles and goes further afield with its geographic and socio-cultural mesh: Sweden’s eternally chill, hip-hop obsessed balearic pop duo jj swapping spit with Arkansas-born R&B chart-topper Ne-Yo. It’s here:

jj – “We Cant Stop (Feat Ne-Yo)”

May as well go ahead and make a wishlist for next year’s collab — as the world learned at Adult Swim’s upfront party when they rolled out “surprise” musical guest Jay-Z for a full-on concert, the channel is in the financial shape to make your dream come true.

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