New Morcheeba Video – “Enjoy The Ride”

Morcheeba’s about to release their sixth album, the second without vocalist Skye Edwards, but someone’s gotta add a voice to the trip hop, so they have plenty of help from guest singers like Thomas Dybdahl, Cool Calm Pete, etc. For “Enjoy The Ride” it’s British singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke. The mellow, melancholic, but ultimately uplifting tune comes armed with a Joel Trussell-drawn video set in a witching-hour graveyard. Tussell did the awesome “War Photographer” video, too. Remember those guitar-shredding Viking warlords? Here, folks perform pear-pealing, grave-rubbing rituals as the ravens fly. Ghosts — sick of dealing with worms and vomit — return to eat pears, toss gravestones, and cloud surf with a gaggle of shape-shifted animals. We’re talking Nathaniel Hawthorne shit.

Accept death, dude, stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride. Kinda makes us think of this + this, though feel free to add Gorillaz to the equation. Also feel free to play the Dive Deep video game or hear more of the record at the band’s MySpace.

Dive Deep is out 2/4 in Europe on Pias.

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