Old Folks Review Grizzly Bear

The last time we heard from the old folks at Breakfast At Sulmay’s, they were affixing Bob Dylan and “Oriental music” to Dirty Projectors. Their take on Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” is pretty accurate, and complete with Poseidon Adventure references. Joe describes the Brooklyn crew as “a college glee club doing a rock song” and notes that, hey, maybe he’s “getting mellow” because he sort of likes them. They’re even “Ok” by Bill. Ann, ever the instigator, has to ask “What’s a ‘Veckatimest,’ anyway?” Continuing the love parade, they’re also all pretty into the “sensuous” Iggy Pop. Ann gets a bit randier than usual, introducing romance into the triangle.

According to these three, Grizzly Bear > Animal Collective.