MGMT Cover “Voices Carry”

MGMT follow their “Kids” harassing video with a song the kids don’t seem to know: The YouTube header for this cover of ‘Til Tuesday’s 1985 hit labels it “another new song,” because the person who filmed it was not born before 1985. It’s a pretty straight-up rendition, except for when the audio cuts out a few minutes in and you find out that voices don’t always carry. It happened 6/14 at Bonnaroo with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek lending vocals. We’re not sure if they did it at their “secret show” at Glasslands on the Fourth Of July because Amrit and Scott couldn’t get in (which seems very unpatriotic).

(via YANP)

By the way, what’s with the hair? Is that part of the new image?

In other MGMT news, this week Cantora Records rereleases a remastered Time To Pretend, the 2005 EP that offered the first official versions of “Time To Pretend,” “Kids,” and four other tracks including this one:

MGMT – “Destrokk” (MP3)

Available here.

UPDATE: They did do it Glasslands on July 4th (thanks Laura) and here’s how that sounded: