Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we shared new tunes by Das Racist, Four Tet, and Neon Indian, but our most discussed post was about Drew Barrymore’s Best Coast video. Thanks Tyler Posey fans. We’ve also finally picked a name for this column: it’s Shut Up, Dude by popular demand. And now, the highest and lowest ranked comments of the past 7 days…


#5 danby | Aug 2nd Score:13

I can’t believe the person responsible for the Charlie’s Angels remake made something unrealistic.

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#4 Chris Trash | Jul 29th Score:15

I would just like to thank everyone for this opportunity to ruin Stereogum. Also Real Estate did an awesome job.

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#2 Zayin_451 | Jul 30th Score:18

There are so many things I don’t understand about this picture. The fact that the toilet is gold is actually the easiest thing to accept. But what is with the filing cabinet? and is the toilet paper dispenser coin operated? Why are there two waste baskets next to it? Why does it look like people just pee on the lid of the smaller one? Why do you guys keep posting pictures of my bathroom on the internet?

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#1 Lena Olive | Aug 2nd Score:-7
As a HUGE DCFC fan (in fact I’m going to see them tomorrow) I think this album is an ENORMOUS DISAPPOINTMENT…I miss the old story teller gibbard. This album lacked the narrative That made me fall in love with DCFC in the first place. This album told no story. Where is the heartbreak? where is feeling of alienation. I understand everyone grows up, gets married, etc…however good song writing should not take a backseat. The repetition on this album seems lazy. the entire album feels lackluster and in my opinion falls flat. I think this is their worse to date. I feel like Gibbard/Walla have lost their bite. There was nothing on this album that stood out. “You are a tourist” as a single is poppy, saccharine, and safe. The moral of the song seems contrived and uninspired. in fact this entire album feels uninspired. I love them but they let me down here. As far as this album and it’s “Krautrock” influences…well, lets just leave that to CAN shall we? I would not recommend this album and I regret paying almost 20 bucks for the tangible CD. even the inset seems boring and disconnected. As a die-hard fan, I felt let down
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Max the King of All Wild Things | Aug 1st Score:10

Good lord did I love this. David Lynch is the best. I appreciate his music and all, but damn do I wish he’d get out there and make another film.

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[Editor’s Note: How great was Cole’s David Lynch interview? Very great! Read it.]


Rhan Small Ernst | Aug 4th Score:1

bless your heart davidlynch

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[Editor’s Note: Amen.]