Download Oneohtrix Point Never’s Mixtape For Modular

In the 86th installment of Modular’s artist-curated mixtape series, called Modcasts (clever girl), the Aussie label turned over the reins to Daniel Lopatin — the out-sounds regenerator and vintage synth + electronics producer behind Oneohtrix Point Never, and one half of the outfit formerly known as Games, Ford & Lopatin. The resulting mix runs just under 43 minutes and through 8 discrete tracks which Lopatin’s stitched together with the omnivorously expert, electro-oriented ear you’d expect from his various releases. Make it a Friday night pregame soundtrack — download at Modular, tracklist below:

(via Modular)

01 Jean-Philippe Goude – “Sicilienne”
02 Kraftwerk – “The Telephone Call”
03 Big L – “All Black”
04 Limpe Fuchs – “Wir Tanzen”
05 John Abercrombie – “Timeless”
06 Nobukazu Takemura – “Icefall”
07 Eduard Artemiev – “Hope”
08 araabMUZIK – “Lost In A Maze” *edit