New Hot Chip – “Made In The Dark” (And Made In The Dark Album Art)

The thing that’s always set Hot Chip apart from lesser laptop-enabled acts — aside from consistently hot shit live shows — has been that openhearted sense to their songwriting. And yet this is a day we didn’t see coming: it’s a Hot Chip ballad! For five seconds you’re gonna think we pulled a bait and switch and gave you another Beach House track, with that dialed down BPM and sparse kick-kick-snare beat machine, but when Alexis starts in with his sad and withered R&B breakup croon — over some bluesy piano/guitar changes and a slow-swelling synth drone on the hook — you shall know it to be Chip. Reflection and dejection’s nothing new for the crew (see “And I Was A Boy From School”). Here they’re wearing through it just a little more slowly. It’s a good look. So is that banana.

Hot Chip press shot 2008, circa Made In The Dark
[Photo by Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle]

Hot Chip – “Made In The Dark” (MP3)

Pretty sad, pretty lovely. Sounds like somebody got their heart broken. Telling it’s the title track, too — although what we’ve heard so far hasn’t signaled too much a slowdown from the dancefloor otherwise. Judging by how generous they’ve been so far, there’s sure to be more posted soon enough at their site or MySpace

Made In The Dark is out 2/5 via DFA/Astralwerks. The album art:

Hot Chip - Made In The Dark album cover

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