Ryan Adams Is Now Single And In Need Of A Hug And/Or An Internet Vacation

Word is Ryan and girlfriend Jessica Joffe, she who was credited as catalyst for Ry’s sobriety in that lengthy NYT piece last year, are over. And wouldn’t you know it, he’s handling things a little dramatically! And using the internet as a means for his public displays of contrition.

Things got started when someone calling himself Romantic Danzig sent Gawker a poem entitled “poem for Jessica Joffe because she blocked my email,” but since that wasn’t sufficiently personal (read: traceable) now he’s using that YouTube account we checked the other day to post the more succinctly titled piece called “Jessica.” It’s a freshly minted jangler about how he “ain’t no good,” the tune set to a map of the West Village (framed within a heart), a scrolling lover’s poem, a picture of Jessica gradually zoomed in upon until creepily pixelated, and a slow close-up of the letters “S-O-R-R-Y” written on a handful of white M&Ms (or, pills). What guilt trip?

Creepy or romantic? Either way, Ryan completists should keep their eyes here for his latest confessions, or just wait for the triple-disc breakup album that he’s writing tomorrow.

Here’s the poem Gawker says was “totally/probably written by Ryan”:

In no way do I not realize this is insane but I have to try and share somehow. I mean, I am helpless sometimes against wanting to fix the things that were never broken between people. its my nature. its why i play music. so anyway JJ blocked my email. if you like, here is a poem to share. LIGHTHOUSE

when a woman leaves
she leaves
and leaves
with scents
and all the smells
of the house
when a house is calm
she takes with her the essence
of a place
painting the insides invisibly
while you were not looking
or shall I say, I

when a woman leaves
her smells
are small
each much nastier than a sting
burned into your bed
in a fiery ring

and with her went the candles too
white ones, delightful ones
lit from time to time
when she left she took the pictures
no diety confusion
or something
either way my retinals are masked with shadows of lines of the burn mark of her face inside
tonight i missed
that scent
that smell
which i why i sleep with her sweater
it is still there
fading in the rest of a wooden ship
with a white flag
and battered sail
from storms passed
where calm is now
a lighthouse is a lighthouse with or without
a light

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