Bono Hearts Scissor Sisters

BBC talks to Scissor Sisters about their unusual gig at P.S.1 last week…

Ana Matronic says it was a pretty strange gig, as people were watching them from roofs and hanging out of windows and then it got even more bizarre when Bono turned up: “Right before we went on, as I was doing my makeup, in walks Bono. I was like – OK, let’s chalk this up to another one of my incredibly surreal experiences this past year.” “It really is sort of like the Pope walking in the room. The crowd parts and you hear this sort of high pitched, ahhh, ahhh. He does seem to not really walk but sort of hover.” “He came up to me and said, ‘Let me kiss the ring’, and I was like, ‘What? I should be saying that to you, fool’.” And according to Ana, despite the fact that they are still trying to break America, Bono appreciated their unique brand of glam-dance: “He was really, really nice, and he said that it was nice to see real performers as so many people are doing pop by numbers these days, and he really enjoyed our show.”

Photos via Arjan.

Don’t tell Bono, but Scissor Sisters ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL. I sorta like “Laura,” but I can’t stand the Pink Floyd cover. I guess someone’s gotta be this year’s Junior Senior.