New Excepter – “Kill People”

As mentioned a couple weeks ago by way of a “Burgers”-munching Pies N Thighs trek, those lovable noisemaking Brooklyn rascals Excepter are back in expanded form with album the fourth Debt Dept (the first for Paw Tracks) and it’s a double-stuffed, teaming doozy. Sunglasses-sporting frontman, ex-No Necker, and archivist, John Fell Ryan appropriately provides “footnotes,” helping to explain the group’s incanted, ricocheting record. For instance, guitar-plodded “Entrance” is described as “a sequence used to inaugurate the band’s first performance with the Animal Collective” and therefore “a natural choice to open our first LP for our new label patrons.” The claustro electronics of “Shots Ring” are “a meditation on last season’s school shooting” which perhaps “proves prophetic as elements from next season’s pop up in multiple-layered verse.” Let’s see if you can figure what lurks behind the menacingly catchy drill instructions of “Kill People.” Chant along after the jump.

Excepter And The Giant Hamburger

Excepter – “Kill People” (MP3)

“Originally titled ‘Guns and Roses,’ this workout brings to mind the old NRA clause, here reduced to its essential conclusion.” You had the G ‘N R part, right?

Debt Dept is out 3/11 on Paw Tracks.

You need to see Excepter live.

02/03 New Haven, CT @ Bar
02/15 Brooklyn, NY @ DJ Night at Savalas
02/21 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Vassar College
02/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Monkeytown
03/29 Brooklyn, NY @Glasslands
05/03 Boston, MA @ MIT Steer Roast

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