‘Gum Drop Giveaway #96

We have three Motorola Rival A455 phones to give away to three winners. The Rival A455 is described as “a loaded messaging machine that helps you out-thumb your friends.” The specifics:

With one touch access to IM-style texting and emoticons, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a touch dial pad and fast EVDO connectivity, Motorola Rival keeps you connected at an affordable price.

Available in two colors: Tin Silver and Purple, this pocket-friendly slider device holds up to 500 text messages and then organizes them by contact and displays them in a chat-like format.

This is what it looks like in silver:

In purple:

And from the side:

Motorola’s also launched what they’re calling the Thumb-Fu Challenge, an online game that “lets consumers compete for the title of ‘Thumb-Fu Master.'” Test your mettle or find out more about the A455 at www.motorola.com/rival. You can purchase the phone at Verizon Wireless or the Motorola store.