New Joseph Arthur – “Rages Of Babylon” (Stereogum Premiere)

While Ryan is busy writing (and then deleting) one-offs to his ex, JA’s upping his output to pick up this year’s most prolific songwriter mantle. This is the year of five Joseph Arthur releases (four EPs and an album), and it begins here, with a harmonica and an acoustic and in the body of a scared, desert-set soldier: protecting the “land of the free,” hoping his family remembers him years after his blood is spilled in the sand, after his bones are shipped back across the sea. My man’s prose has moved on from stream-of-consciousness erotica in a major way.

Joseph Arthur self-portrait
[Photo: Joseph Arthur]

Joseph Arthur – “Rages Of Babylon” (MP3)

The soldier’s lament comes from the Could We Survive EP, out 3/18 on Lonely Astronaut. After that comes Crazy Rain And Boredom EP on 4/15, and the All You Need Is Nothing full-length on 8/5. Somewhere in there Joseph plans to release two more EPs, make one trip to SXSW, and take at least three naps.