New Kills Video – “Cheap And Cheerful”

Looks like the Kills have recovered enough from their slinky, hand-clapped, haunting boy/gal tag-teamed “URA Fever” to up the pace, and images-per-second, in the video for their still-untitled third record’s second single “Cheap And Cheerful.” Actually, Alison vomits at the beginning, so maybe she’s not entirely cured? Seems like it, though: She dons a blond wig, smeary mascara, and double-dare-ya come ons (“you’re boring, baby, when you’re straight”) while Jamie’s transformed into dozens of drummer boys and, ultimately, his own drum line. What’s it all mean? There’s also some pattycake. And lots of ice cream to go with it.

The Kills’ next LP is due out in March on Domino.

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