The Moldy Peaches Visit The View

Old Anti-folk stars never die, they just end up on The View. That’s right, this morning those Moldy Peaches Adam and Kimya met up with Barbara, Whoopi, and the rest of the gang to perform “Anyone Else But You,” the tune recently re-popularized by being covered by Juno and Bleeker. In today’s performance, the Peaches, sans animals costumes, sit nervously amid fake plastic flowers and homes, recreating the Juno moment between the adorable Ellen Page and equally adorable Michael Cera. Take it away, Whoopi.

Nice performance, but this was our favorite part:

Kimya Dawson actually looks like Colin Powell

Don’t blame the production staff, you so know that was somehow Sherri’s fault. (I mean, she thinks the world’s flat! But in her defense, she was too busy feeding them kids to research the issue.)

Regardless, before les Peaches went down to the studio, Kimya wrote a post at her LiveJournal about the moment:

1. It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I get to meet Whoopi Goldberg. This is extremely significant to me. If you only know her from Sister Act I beg you to go get a copy of her old Broadway show. And I beg you to watch The Color Purple. These are things that helped shape me and changed how I absorb things and how I deal with sadness. And how I smile. Please keep this in mind as you watch me blubbering and trying not to cry on The View today. I LOVE HER. Immensely.

2. For those of you calling me hypocrite- The View doesn’t have writers so it is not affected by the strike. I looked into it. I wouldn’t have crosed that line. Not even for Whoopi. Not even if DeVito was the other guest instead of *gasp* Colin Powell.

Thanks for reminding us about the awesome effects of limoncellos, General.