Annual Hangover Day

Last night was the MTV Networks XMas party at Hammerstein Ballroom. I’m pretty sure I told all my coworkers that they were AWESOME and I may or may not have tried to give Kurt Loder a high five. As Carrie Bradshaw once said, I need a coffee the size of my head.

Moving on…

According to my Tivo, Presidential candidate Wesley Clark appeared on The Daily Show last night. This run-down comes via AP…

After introducing Clark and mentioning that he was a “four-star general,” the host of the Comedy Central show said, “Although I do have to ask – that’s out of how many stars?”

“It’s actually eight,” Clark said, “four on each shoulder,” adding that if an additional four on a hat were included in the count, “it could be as many as 12.”

Clark likened beginning a presidential campaign to taking off from an aircraft carrier and mentioned that he had worn a flight suit.

“Are they cozy? Are they as cozy as they look? Because they look cozy,” Stewart said.

“They’re pretty tight,” Clark said, describing the fit.

When Stewart asked whether it was difficult to move from a military culture to a political culture, Clark said his experience in the Army was transferable to politics.

“What I did was I begged, I wheedled … I purred, I did everything,” Clark said of his experience in the Army.

He said he wanted to bring leadership to the nation’s schools and criticized the federal No Child Left Behind law as “too rigid.”

Stewart’s last question: “Any states you’d get rid of?

“I’d get rid of the state of apathy,” Clark said. “I want these young people engaged and voting,” he said, mentioning his campaign Web site.

“Wow, you are hip,” Stewart said, “Nicely done.”