Who’s Got The Crack?

Why Amy Winehouse, of course! And The Sun has footage of Amy wandering her East London crib with fried-straw hair and incredibly-shrinking frame, taking a few puffs on a glass pipe. Just before whipping it out, she says, “I just took about six Valium.” So crack’s the chaser? Wait, during that same interaction does she say she’s “insistent” she’s “going to die”? Or “buy”? Either way, it’s time we remind you of this. (Wonder if she’ll beat EMI.) Earlier in the video, upset a reveler’s messed with her kitten, riffling through piles on the the ground (for said cat?), she says, “If I was that cat I’d leave on my own accord — I’d call a cab.” Why’s there always a cat involved? In better news for Amy, we hear they’re casting for Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew 2.