Sigur Rós Reveal Something Called INNI

Honestly, I don’t have a certain idea what this little video clip is about. It features some artistic footage (as if another sort existed?) of Sigur Rós, set to sounds clearly created by the them, and was posted to their site (via mailing list) with the title “Inni.” But sometimes when you love someone you don’t ask questions, because sometimes when you love someone things don’t have to make sense. Especially when they mostly speak gobbledigook. (Also, answers are obviously coming soon because this is the internet, and this is most probably a teaser for some larger project like a live DVD that we’ll find out about soon enough and get excited about spending time with along with a box of tissues, because that is how you engage with Sigur Rós/someone you love.) Watch as a downpayment on your future weeping:

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