Scott Weiland Hints At A Stone Temple Pilots Reunion, Which We’ll Start Believing As Soon As He Stops Disappearing

The (generally) under-appreciated — though, let’s face it, with the early-era EdVed aping and late-era hard-drug taking, we can understand why — Stone Temple Pilots called it quits in 2003 so the awesome DeLeo brothers could start up the less-than-awesome Army Of Anyone, and Scott Weiland could front Velvet Revolver and have his wife incinerate his wardrobe. So good times all around, obviously, leaving us not exactly surprised to hear Weiland tell Miami Herald that “we should be on the lookout for an STP reunion in the coming months.”

Problem is, Scott’s got this habit (no, not that habit), of sorta vanishing. Or, more properly, not appearing — like he did this weekend in Utah.

Blabbermouth reports Weiland was a no-show for Velvet Revolver’s set at the 944 Mag party at Sundance Sunday night, leading the band to ask for singing volunteers. So, like karaoke with oM or the Thermals, except not planned and due to probably-not-good-things (a more appropriate ‘see also’: that recent Babyshambles gig).

On the plus side, though, the cast of Sundance karaokeers included Matt Sorum, who climbed from behind the kit and did his best Weiland-doing-his-best-Axl on “Patience.” Observe: