‘Gum Drop Giveaway #21

No, not “Free Bird,” Freebord. Unsure what a Freebord is or a snowboard-style skateboard can do? Please study the below pic.

Now click here and then watch the demo. This particular model comes with S2 bindings (that’s skate speak). What’s all of this have to do with Serj, you ask? Topically, he makes funny faces when he sings in that kick-ass way of his and we make funny faces when we skate, but more importantly, Serj is big into the alt sports/X-Games world. (If you don’t believe us about those faces, check out the video for the adrenaline-rushed “Empty Walls”). For more info on the new album Elect The Dead head to Serj’s MySpace. Here, he’s leaning against a not-so-empty wall.

Speaking of which, we’d love to skate that wall. Enter now and you can do just that. Remember, one grand prize winner gets the board and all the Tankian goodies and three runners each take home a copy of Elect.