New Blitzen Trapper Video – “Black River Killer”

Progress is being made on a Furr followup, but still Blitzen Trapper are quite done celebrating that last LP just yet. Or maybe the late break of the “Black River Killer” clip is due to its logistics, which would be understandable. Drummer Brian Koch tells Spinner:

“Black River Killer” represents not only our first attempt at a fully live action video, but also a massive collaborative effort on the part of at least 120 people in and around Portland.

The result is an impressively cinematic work of storytelling for a band signed to (essentially) an indie, with lots of sets, costumes, and a boatload of creepily masked Pacific Northwesterners.

Blitzen Trapper – “Black River Killer” (MP3)
Blitzen Trapper – “Gold For Bread” (MP3)

Furr is out via Sub Pop.