Katie Lied

Like you, we’ve been preoccupied with the race since November: did Katie Holmes pretend to run the NYC Marathon? Who is mystery runner #6074? Where was her sports bra? Did she use performance enhancing drugs? Etc.

We may never get to the bottom of the split times controversy, but finally we have some insight into what might’ve been playing on her headphones. With Mad Money getting pwned by the Cloverfield monster, and Tom Cruise getting pwned by Andrew Morton and teh internets, we take a moment to acknowledge the most recent contribution to iTunes Celebrity Playlist archive.

Katie’s mix contains the essential tunes that helped the actress capture the “FREE SPIRIT” of her Mad Money character, Jackie. Her track-by-track commentary approaches a Jennifer Garner-level of insight.

After the jump: White Stripes, Tom Jones, and “It’s Marvin Gaye!”

What were you expecting, Joanna Newsom? (Oh, Juno! — you already had us at shenanigans.)

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