Sundance Rocks (In 3-D)

Sundance is flickering along as we speak, and plenty of the films being screened have a rock ‘n’ roll bent. And a rap bent, if you consider Diddy a rapper. Bernard Shakey, aka Neil Young — yes, that Neil Young — directs CSNY Déjà Vu, a political documentary that sets the Iraqi war alongside CSNY’s “Freedom Of Speech Tour.” Remember Vietnam? Hence the Déjà Vu. With a nome de camera like “Bernard Shakey,” we’re wondering if this is gonna have a sorta hippie-meets-Cloverfield feel. And speaking of scary movies, the thought of Bono’s posturing in 3-D might be very frightening, but that’s exactly what you get with U2 3D, which tracks the band’s “Vertigo” tour. You can see the official spiel at the official site. Then there are a handful more, though we usually don’t like using the words “handful” when David Crosby’s just been mentioned.

U2 In 3-D
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Steven Sebring brings (sorry) his 12-years-in-the-making experimental documentary Patti Smith: Dream of Life. According to Indiewire:

The film utilizes music, narration, graveyard pilgrimages, performance, political rallies, archival footage and verite moments with her working-class parents, children and friends to examine this punk pioneer.

Following a less known band, Sacha Gervasi directs Anvil! The True Story of Anvil”. Anvil is Robb Reiner (different guy) and Lips, the “demi-gods of Canadian metal.” We catch up with the dudes in their 50s on the brink of recording lucky album 13.

Also dealing with oldtimers, [email protected] is — no, not another Neil Young vehicle — Stephen Walker’s look at a New England choir comprising senior citizens.

Good memory, the folks David Byrne year-end listed in Artforum. Of course, looking at another Byrne-associated act, there’s The Great Buck Howard, the aforementioned comedy starring Tom Hanks and John Malkovich. Yes, the one being scored by (and reportedly including a cameo of) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Wonder if Tom’s backlashing against them yet.

As far as other lights, camera, action … Does this count?