Blue Roses Does A Video Session

People seemed to dig in to Laura Groves aka Blue Roses, a British singer-songwriter and our most recent BTW. Her debut arrives States side this month via XL, and the label has handily posted a three-song video session to ease her introduction. Then we said “Blue Roses cites an alliterative gaggle of influences on her introspective, heart-worn folk — ‘Bartók to Bush, Tiersen to Tears For Fears, Debussy to Du Maurier’ — to which you could safely add your favorite coffee shop chanteuse (Leslie, Joni, Joanna) and probably find a moment to back it up,” and that Laura is in “command of a pristine, flexible, endearing voice.” Here, on a trio of songs from her first release, backed at times by violin, keyboard, drums, and harmonies, Blue Roses showcases her command of that pristine voice, along with some sturdy but delicate fingerpicking.


“I Am Leaving”

“Does Anyone Love Me Now?”

The studio version of one she played:

Blue Roses – “I Am Leaving”

And the studio version of one she didn’t (recommended);

Blue Roses – “Doubtful Comforts”

Blue Roses’ debut is out in the US on 7/21 via XL.

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