New Daniel Lanois – “Here Is What Is” & “Where Will I Be”

Longtime bigtime producer (like, hey, co-producing The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree with Eno, Dylan’s Oh Mercy and Time Out Of Mind on his own) Daniel Lanois also has a strong career as a solo recording artist. After some releases on Anti-, his new full-length Here Is What Is is up and out on the much smaller Red Floor. As he explains, he’s basically self-releasing the disc with the Lanois-y label:

This label was created for the purpose of making my music directly available to my listeners without the run to the record store. I love record stores of course, we all do, but it’s a fast world and we embrace the idea of people having access to music via the internet.

Doing our part, please find two of the new tunes after the jump. Both are moody, soulful, and of course impeccably recorded. Bundle up.

Daniel Lanois
[photo by Danny Clinch]

Daniel Lanois – “Here Is What Is” (MP3)
Daniel Lanois – “Where Will I Be” (MP3)

Both tunes really are great, and wise: His recordings always have that drifting darkness and clarity. We especially like “Where Will I Be”‘s beach walking Springsteen vibe, the way it’s vulnerable but slinky with the prospect of seasons passing.

Here Is What Is is available as high-res WAV files or MP3s, though you can get it as a CD/DVD set via Red Floor in March. The DVD houses Lanois’s 2007 documentary of the same name. You can catch the trailer here. Look at Eno go!