Under The Influence: JEFF The Brotherhood We Are The Champions

JEFF The Brotherhood - We Are The Champions

Under The Influence: JEFF The Brotherhood We Are The Champions

JEFF The Brotherhood - We Are The Champions

In our latest edition of Under The Influence, Jake Orrall of Nashville psych-rock/power-pop duo JEFF The Brotherhood shares the inspiration behind the band’s latest LP We Are The Champions. Yes, it includes Weezer! Check out his picks, then watch JEFF’s new Michael Carter-directed video for “Wastoid Girl.”

1. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Hummer”
Smashing Pumpkins were my favorite band all through middle school and high school.  Every note of guitar I’ve ever played has a little Billy Corgan in it I think.

2. Kraftwerk – “Computer Love”
This song is all about subtle melody; it’s inspiring because I have trouble doing anything subtly, it’s a sound that I want to get closer to.

3. Serge Gainsbourg – “Bonnie And Clyde”
This is also very subtle. If I didn’t listen to subtle music all of our songs would have 30 tracks of guitar and be 15 minutes long.

4. Kitaro – “Cosmic Energy”
This is all about getting in the zone.  Listening to Kitaro and reading old science fiction books was a big inspiration for We Are the Champions.

5. Tiger B. Smith – “Everything I Need”
We were so inspired by this song that we covered it.
Stream at we7.com

6. Nitzinger – “Witness To The Truth”
This is some heavy rock that I found in the dollar bin. A lot of inspiration for WATC comes from hard rock records from the dollar bin.
Stream at we7.com

7. Ironhorse – “Old Fashioned”
Another great dollar bin hard rock masterpiece.
Buy at Amazon

8. Steve Hillage – “Om Nama Shivaya”
This song takes everything to the next level. It’s progressive, cosmic, sexy, and a total guitar rock classic. It’s one of those perfect songs.

9. Can – “Father Cannot Yell”
I don’t know what this song is about but I like the shouting and organ and crazy bass. The repetition and groove they get into is big for us, a big inspiration.

10. Weezer – all of the first two albums
Obviously people have picked up on this influence.  Weezer was pretty huge for us in our younger days, they did a great job of being super melodic and super heavy all at once, we like that.


We Are The Champions is out now via Infinity Cat/Warner. Also check out (via free download) the band’s mix of late ’60s-early ’70s obscure proto-metal for G.F.F. here.

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