New Blind Melon – “Wishing Well”

OK! For the children of the ’90s, it’s another listen of new Blind Melon! As you’ll recall from our first listen and look behind-the-scenes of the reincarnated rock entity, the band is now fronted by singer Travis Warren, who is thrust in an unenviable position; we’ve always had a soft spot for the dearly departed Shannon, and that’s a big, sexy dress Travis has gotta fill.

As for Melon’s new record, Warren tells Billboard “It’s kind of like [1995’s] ‘Soup’ — the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you.” We knew Soup. We were friends with Soup. Sirs, this is no Soup. But we are willing to concede, at the very least, it grows on you; the third listen goes down better than the first. Shannon he ain’t, but the tenor of Travis’s tenor is damn close, and he sounds just about right riding the original quartet’s noodly alt.rock on “Wishing Well.” A slightly revamped nostalgia act, then, but good enough for you to break out the old BM for a day. (Or, to download Cassettes Won’t Listen’s cover of “Change” via the free One Alternative EP.)

Hear “Wishing Well” at MySpace. For My Friends is out 4/22 via Adrenaline.

Blind Melon, now starring Travis Warren

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