Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost Comment Party

There’s a new set of Girls material to rave about. Father, Son, Holy Ghost comes on the heels of the excellent Broken Dreams Club and the hailed debut LP Album, and today’s talks about its beauty isn’t surprising in the wake of “Vomit.” Chris Owens continues traipsing toward an earned seat at the table of America’s finest working songwriters, grafting his tracks with vulnerability and timeless melody, pairing acoustic ache with more swinging-riff swagger than you maybe expected. (You couldn’t ask for a more illustrative sample of the album’s emotional dimension than its tracklist: “Honey Bunny” to “Die,” “Saying I Love You” to “Vomit,” “My Ma” to “Magic” to “Just A Song.”) It’s about life, art, and heart. The album’s all the talk today, so pre-order it at True Panther, and talk below.

A stream is now available:

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