Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake

I always thought I hated them, but thanks the accidental erasing my iPod — and subsequent ripping of random CDs of Eliza’s — I discovered that long before “Good Stuff” and their theme to The Flintstones, the B-52’s were totally cool. We all know the singles from Cosmic Thing are infectious, but I’ve heard “Love Shack” too many times for one lifetime, so I’m just gonna ignore that era.

The band’s debut disc The B-52’s is less kitsch, more post-punk than I would’ve thought. Makes sense since they were part of that late ’70s CBGB scene. I knew “Rock Lobster” but never really liked that cut. The track I’ve been listening to all week is much better. The beginning reminds me of Deerhoof’s “Giga Dance.” Sort of. Enjoy:

The B-52’s – “Dance This Mess Around.”

So sorry B-52’s for ignoring your early songs all these years. Still, no excuse for Good Stuff — I heard if you bring that CD to a used record shop, you actually have to pay them to take it off your hands.

A lot of people have told me about their Fred Schneider spottings in NYC, so if you’d like to share them here, go right ahead.