New Nada Surf Video – “I Like What You Say”

In a recent interview with Paste, Matthew Caws talks about the title for his forthcoming indie pop LP, saying something along the lines of, simply, “I feel like we’ve been very lucky.” Sure, that and being good at sticking through the one-hit wonder arc, and turning out super fine if occasionally syrupy indie pop. “I Like What You Say” is another example, along with “Whose Authority,” of Caws’s gift for making major melodies have a touch of heartrendered nuance, and just like “Authority”‘s video, it’s all about the city here. But, what happened to being lucky? If we’re extrapolating a world view, here, which we love doing at 9:30AM, the Caws crew is saying: We’re all just reshaped bits of used up bits of refuse, trying to find our way, looking for someone to love.

At least in this clip, though, there’s no such thing as luck. Our Fragile-stamped hero, here, thinks he finds the one … but mistakes his dream lady’s glow for the joy of just having seen Nada Surf (foiled by indie pop again). Then she falls in with some bigger, brutish cardboard box. Life’s a bitch and then you die, box man. Directed by Teqonik.

Lucky is out 2/5 on Barsuk.

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