Download Some New HQ Jeff Mangum Concert Recordings

The first four shows of Jeff Mangum’s big, inevitable, but still totally surprising tour are in the can, and you’re jealous you haven’t secured admission to one. Still, you’re not sure whether his voice has held up and if the chance to sing “Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2″ with a roomful of similarly obsessed sing-alongers really will be worth the wait of over ten years and $5,600.

To that, we offer quite reasonably: Put your wallets safely out of distance of scalpers, then head to and download his show in Toronto last week to confirm that yes, these Mangum shows really are going to be that great and fuck that computer that didn’t let you get face-priced tickets on time and your life really might not work out to be as great as you’d hoped if you don’t get to see him this tour. He sounds wonderful.