Elvis Costello – “Sparkling Day”

Elvis Costello has been in T Bone-assisted alt-country mode for the last couple of years, so for this unexpected, debonair ballad we have the soundtrack to Anne-Hathaway-attempts-a-British-accent romcom One Day to thank. Built on acoustic strums, twinkly piano, and swirling strings, “Sparkling Day” most recalls Painted By Memory Elvis, which is a fine era to revisit. Take a listen:

(Note: The album version is 90 seconds longer.)

One Day spans two decades in the relationship of Hathaway’s and Jim Sturgess’ characters. See if you can guess which two decades based on the soundtrack’s tracklist:

01. Elvis Costello – “Sparkling Day”
02. Del Amitri – “Roll To Me”
03. Tricky – “Aftermath”
04. Black Grape – “Reverend Black Grape”
05. James – “Born Of Frustration”
06. Primal Scream – “Rocks”
07. Fatboy Slim – “Praise You”
08. Corona – “Rhythm of the Night”
09. Robbie Williams – “Angels”
10. Ronan Keating – “Life Is A Rollercoaster”
11. Tears For Fears – “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”
12. Francois Feldman – “Joy”
13. Elvis Costello – “Tear Off Your Own Head”
14. Rachel Portman – “One Day Main Titles”
15. Rachel Portman – “Wedding Chorus”
16. Rachel Portman – “July 15th”
17. Rachel Portman – “We Had Today”

I had a Black Grape poster in my room in college. True story.

The One Day OST is out now via Universal Island. One Day hits theaters today.